Sunday, May 3, 2015

US ad Saudis use cluster bombs in Yamen

 The New York Times reports today that the Saudis and the UAE are using cluster munitions in Sanaa and other cities in Yemen.  It also reports that the US had fired cluster munitions from ships upon targets that include Yemeni civilians, even though we are not at war with the people or country fired upon.  Saudi-Led Group Said to Use Cluster Bombs in Yemen -

Respectfully request that President Obama fire advisors who have for years mislead US presidents about our interests in Yemen, following the lead of the bloodthirsty and fearful Saudis.  The US provides ample protection to the Saudis from both ISIS and the Houthi.  There is no need for the slaughter and pain inflicted on the staving Yemeni.

The bloodthirsty nations -- the Persian Gulf Dictatorships, the uSA, Russia, China -- and the fearful nations, especially Pakistan, have not signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

The United States gets bad advice from its military commanders:  killing multitudes of civilians years after hostilities have ceased makes one a pariah; the US, along with the other bloodthirsty nations, have become that to the civilized world: outcasts, though very powerful ones.

Citizens of pariah nations should do what they can  to effect regime change.

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You can speak to your leaders more effectively that this youngman can.  Speak!  Raise your voice!

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