Thursday, May 21, 2015

Give Up on Netanyahu, Go to the United Nations, but wait a day or so

From an opinion piece in the New York times:

Give Up on Netanyahu, Go to the United NationsBY HENRY SIEGMAN
America must stop blocking U.N. action on Mideast peace and start pushing for a tough Security Council resolution that forces both parties to negotiate a deal — and fast. 

al-Monitor recently suggested that the Administration is considering An agreement to exchange the Veto for an agreement on the Peace Deal would make sense only if the Administration were satisfied that Congress would block the Iranian Peace Deal if Netanyahu objects.   

The Peace Deal is more important than a settlement of the Palestine State situation at this time.  It is more  important not because the Deal may block Iran from gettin The Bomb, but because it lifts the horrendously unfair sanctions which have been in place for a generation.  

The unfairness of Iranian sanctions and the perception of their unfairness is harming the US in Asia far more than any activity of Iran's.  

Asia is the principle field of play in the fierce economic competition between the US and China.The Great Game continues, 21st Century version.  In the 19th Century, Russia had home  field advantage, England controlled the waves. In the present version, China has home field advantage; the US controls the waves and the sky.  

The sides are sufficiently balanced that the US doesn't need any extraneous distractions.  Syria is enough.  

And if the Congress stupidly acts to block the Iranian Deal, then by all means support a security council vote for the resolutions Mr. Siegman suggests, and more.

Thee Times editorial is here.  A brief and impressive biography of Siegman is at the end of the Times article.

Thanks, Rho, for the heads-up.


It's not that Palestinians don't need and deserve relief now, 

it's that Asia and the World would be worse off if China dominates the US.  Perhaps a chauvinistic view, but my own.

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