Monday, May 25, 2015

We are partnered with Iran in Iraqfor all purposes; with Iran in Syria for the IS battle; we should be partnered with Iran and Russia in support of Asaad, and aorta are, but don't tell.

Democratic nations deal in what law calls "legal fictions," a function contrary to fact but treated as fact   for certain purposes.  Democratic governments have to act as if international cooperation with some nations does not exist.  Some nations are treated by important constituencies as evil and so our necessary cooperation must be ignored.

One of the current sets of fictions is that we do not have bilateral cooperative dealings with Iran.

Everyone knows that we do.  Everyone knows that the Iraq government is closely allied with Ian, an that Iraq's economy is dependent upon Iran.

No American politician acknowledges these facts, easily learned on a small island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  

Republican presidential candidates know them, though they pretend not to; and Democrats do not call them on it, because Democrats also base policy on demonstrable falsehoods which Republicans don't call them on.  Democracy works in strange ways.

Iran is more our friend than our enemy.  Basher Assad is the best of the possible rulers of Syria.  When we lift sanctions on Iran, it will become an important trading partner to the US, and, if we are lucky, will join the US in opposing China's expansion of control over Central Asia.  If we are really lucky, the Green Revolution will prevail in that interesting and oppressed country.

The press in the US collaborates in silence abut our cooperative ventures with Iran, to an extent.  The article below contains news you might not see on your TV news shows. 

 The International BusinessTimes has a good-enough reputation .

International Business Times

MONDAY, MAY 25, 2015 AS OF 3:04 PM EDT
Iran Joins Iraq In Fighting ISIS, Sends Troops For Beiji Operation
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raqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi (right) stands with Iranian Defence Minister Hossein Dehghan during a welcoming ceremony in Baghdad, May 18, 2015.Reuters/Stringer  
U.S. defense officials said Friday that Iran has contributed troops in the fight against Islamic State forces in strategic areas near the capital Baghdad. According to the officials, Iran sent heavy weapons and operating artillery for Iraqi ground forces working to retake the Beiji oil refinery from the brutal militant group, which has made major advances across Iraq in recent months.
The Obama administration earlier said it would not mind if Iran wanted to contribute in the ongoing Iraqi operations against ISIS. However, it said that the Shiite militias backed by Iran would have to act in accordance with the Iraqi government.
The defense officials acknowledged Iran’s significant role in the Beiji operation. ABC Newsreported that the officials were not allowed to talk publicly about Iran’s role in Iraq. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity. According to one of them, Iran is operating reconnaissance drones, artillery and 122mm rocket systems to help Iraqi ground forces. 
The Trumpet reported that most Western media sources failed to notice that Iranian Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan had gone to Baghdad May 18 to meet Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. The meeting indicates the development of bilateral relations between the countries. In the meetings, Abadi appreciated Iran’s role in Iraq’s fight against ISIS.
The U.S. military statement on the Beiji operation does not mention Iran’s role but acknowledges the U.S. military support for Iraq. The Friday statement says that Iraqi security forces have managed to build a land route to the refinery compound. 
The statement acknowledged steady progress by Iraqi security forces against ISIS forces. “In the past 72 hours, we have seen the [Iraqi security forces] make steady, measured progress in regaining some of the areas leading to the Beiji oil refinery despite the significant [ISIL] resistance in the form of [improvised explosive devices], suicide vehicle-borne IEDs, as well as heavy weapon and rocket-fire attacks,” the statement quoted Marine Corps Brig. Gen Thomas Weidley. 
The Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve chief of staff added that a safe route to the refinery would allow reinforcements and supplies to arrive despite the constant threat from ISIS. It will also help security forces secure “contested areas in and around the refinery.”

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