Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oil out of Iran and the shameful but real thrust for it

A raft of news stories today suggest that the Iran-Pakistan Pipeline will be completed by December, 2014, despite strenuous objections from the United States.  See e.g., The Pakistan Daily Times,  The News International, boh of which also suggested that the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India Pipeline may be in rouble along the Khyber Pass because of the War on Terror, The Express TribuneThe Business Recorder, and The International News Network Online which also noted that a Pakistan Senate committee recommended "to start construction of power generation units at Gwadar and other areas to produce electricity through the gas imported from Iran, state-run radio"  reported.

Photo International News Network

The Express Tribune also reported that Pakistan's "[n]ewly-elected Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, in his maiden speech, revealed that Islamabad and Beijing have expressed a keen desire to implement the Gwadar-Khunjerab-Kashgar rail network." 

Gwadar is a deep-water port in in Balochistan Province in Pakistan, near the Iranian border and the strategically-significant Strait of Hormuz.

The New York Times Smugglers plying their trade in
 the Strait of Hormuz between Irran and Oman.

In May of this year, China took over operational control of Gwadar port, to the dismay of many Balochi.

For more on China and the Gwadar port, see the International Policy Digest, "The Preeminence of Pakistan’s Gwadar Port."

The United States has, for decades, exerted pressure in many places to keep Iran from exporting oil.  Those efforts have been dramatically increased since Iran has obtained some possibility of building The BBomb.  The United States has threaten to cut of aid to Pakistan if it goes forward with the IP Pipeline.

It looks as if shipping a lot of oil and natural gas will finally be allowed out of Iran.

If everyone may export and import oil Iran should not be stigmatized.  It may wan The Bomb, though there is no proof of it; Israel is reported to have 250 Bombs.  Start there I say.

It is a pity that any country thirsts for oil, given the climate disaster than awaits us and our descendants, and the United States and many other countries continue to hurst after it.

 It would make little difference to the World if the US were to completely eliminate fossil fuels, because he World will use every last drop in the Earth.

Some will benefit from climate change; many will die of too much water or too little; too much cold or too little.


If I had billions it wouldn’t make much difference to my ease who lives and dies since I can live anywhere I chose to live.  

Not many have that choice.  I assume that it is the lack of real threat to those with much money that explains our World's continued drive to use every last drop of oil.

 Prove me wrong, you who disagree.

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