Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pars and the IP Pipeline

The IP Pipeline (Iran-Pakistan Pipeline), or sometimes IPI, if India is included, originates in the South Iranian Pars Gas field, together with the Qatar North Field the largest in the world.

The general area.  

Detail, showing the gas field, and
how it is divided between
Iran and Qatar.

According to The Energy Library,
Iran's ability to boost exports has been hampered by inconsistent economic performance. Iran is still rebuilding its economy that was decimated by eight years of war with Iraq and by the 1979 Islamic Revolution, which halted Iranian gas exports for nearly 10 years. In addition, the U.S. has actively worked to isolate Iran in the Caspian region, and has actively worked to discourage other nations from helping Iran build pipelines or expand its LNG capacity.

Iran pipes it over to Assaluyeh in Iran,

where it is proposed to be piped through the Balochistan tribal areas of Pakistan, into Nawabshah, in the Sindh province in southern Pakistan.

Random images of Nawabshah:

Sinndh, the southern province of Pakistan, and where Nawabshah is located.

It is a civilized city:  it has football teams:

Thee pipeline is sold as a job-creator for Sindh  and Baluchistan, though we all know that governments cannot create jobs. . . .

his young man posted under his picture:  "i wanted a job sir plz give me i want to need a job".  

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