Wednesday, August 22, 2012

98 kg freestyle medal winners at the Summer Olympics 2012

Freestyle wrestlers and their medals, 2012 Summer Olympics,

Men's 98 kg:

Gold: Jacob Stephen Varner also known as Jake Varner  is a freestyle wrestler from United States.  For more information on Jake, see 2012 FILA Freestyle Wrestling World Cup in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Images of Jake from the 2012 Olympics:

Good to have a big coach,
if you're Jake.

Silver:  Valerii Andriitsev, born in Kiev, is a freestyle freestyle wrestler from Ukraine.

Kiev is an ancient, modern, vibrant, powerful, and beautiful city, one any Nation would proudly claim.

There are not many images of  Valerii on the web.  These are ones I could find:

Bronze:  tie:  Giorgi Gogshelidze, born in Gori, is a Georgian freestyle wrestler (Georgians are more generous with their images than any other country besides the United States).

Georgians, in Georgia, warming up for the Olympics

and Khetag Gozyumov (born 24 April 1983 in Alagir, North Ossetian ASSR) is an Azerbaijani wrestler of Ossetian origin.  I think, judging from images on the Web, hat North Ossetia might be a good place to be from:

Wakanoho Toshinori
GAGLOEV Soslan Alexandrovitch
from North Ossetia

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