Sunday, August 19, 2012

6 kg freestyle medal winners at the Summer Olympics 2012

Freestyle wrestlers and their medals, 2012 Summer Olympics,

Men's 66 kg:

GoldTatsuhiro Yonemitsu was born in the city of Yamanashi, in the Prefecture of Yamanashi. The city is small and beauiful. 

Tatsuhiro is a second lieutenant 

in the japan ground self-defense force

and would feel right at home hee in Hawaii.

Silver:  Sushil Kumar belongs to a Jat family who comes from the village Baprola near Najafgarh in South West Delhi.

Subedar Jairam Solanki of Baprola sounds depressingly like Hawaiians in Honolulu, about governmental promises of the glories of development:

A day after Delhi government gave the green signal to two Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in Baprola in north-west Delhi, there was an air of indifference in the village. There was neither a burst of celebration nor violent protests. Past has taught them to deal with government promises. The villagers had given up their 450 bighas of land for a growth centre comprising educational institutes, commercial centres, professional training centres and a stadium in 1998 but are still waiting for the green shoots of development. And that’s why Subedar Jairam Solanki, a retired armyman, sounds deeply pessimistic. When told that the SEZs will create 50,000 direct and more than a lakh indirect jobs, he reacts with a sense of disbelief and in a minute is ready to dismiss the claims. In fact, hes worried that the proposed development will bring anything good to locals and their next generation. “Sarkar ki kathni aur karni mein hamesha antar raha hai (Governments dont do what they promise). Until government takes steps to involve locals in these ventures, all such initiatives will do no good to us,” Solanki laments.

And Sushil looks on top of the world now

Bronze:  tie:  Akzhurek Tanatarov from Kazakhstan

and Liván López Azcuy of Cuba

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