Friday, July 23, 2010



Controlling emotions, says Socrates, is like driving a chariot pulled by wild horses.

The wholly admirable google found pics for you of the Chariot, with a two-word clue, just like that !I guess I have to stop being amazed by that great product of the human mind.

Perhaps for you, though the horses be wild, your control is calm and absolute, as in the pic to the left.

Perhaps for you emotions are merely the friendly workers in your stable of thought and action.

I have lately felt something stranger that either.

We ordinarily, I think, think of emotions as occurring serially: first love, then anger, then joy, then sadness, and so forth.

But lately, emotions come all at once, undifferentiated, and I am not in control.

Watch. If you haven't had my experience, you will one day, if you live long enough.

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