Friday, July 23, 2010

Boy,am I pissed off

Boy, am I pissed off!

I've been beatin' on fags all my life. Never that one of'um would have the balls tu'turn on me.

Now look at me. One of them fuckers is munchin' on my fuckin' toes! Can't take much more of this.

Just wait 'til I get out of here!

Of course I look worried. You'd be too! Them fuckers say they'll sell me to a rich A rab. They can't do that! I'm American all the way! I know my rights! They can't do that!

Can they?

But well supposin' if they do try 'n sell me, wonder how much they'll get. My abs are pretty good. They ain't even seen the total package yet.

Reckon I'll get a cut?

How much would you pay, come to think of it?

Hope them sandniggers'll be god to me. . . .

Why can't I take it calm like that Brazilian guy I passed on he way in. He don't look worried none.

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