Saturday, August 22, 2015

Yazidi warrior women

An Israeli news outlet reports on Yazidi women's uniting to join the Kurdistan peshmerga in fighting ISIS:

Yazidi Women Form All-Female Unit to Fight ISIS - Israel News

[For more on the Yazidi, see Yazidis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.]

The article is merely one of many detailing the horrors women suffer at the hands of ISIS.

Slavery is very old and is clearly supported by the Quran  (see Islamic views on slavery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) and the Christian Old Testament (see e.g., What the Old Testament says about slavery), though modern religious scholars emphasize passages more humane.

In spite of god's plain approval, all countries, with great reluctance and much bloodshed, gave up the practice of human slavery.  The Arabs were slower than most: the Saudis abolished slavery in 1962; Oman, the last Arab country, in1970.

 In spite of universal condemnation of slavery, it was revived by several Saudi-financed jihadist  groups in Syria early in the Syrian Civil War.

ISIS, a Sunni-Muslim ur-country hoping to become a new Grand Caliphate,  ISIS has institutionalized human slavery, based on Wahhabism, the guiding religion of Saudi Arabia.

ISIS is particularly intent on enslaving those women captured in war, in line with Aristotelian precepts.

If you respect Aristotle, you will think it just that that salves be enslaved.  If you respect Aristotle you deserve wha t you get.

All other people should condemn human slavery.

ISIS's ability to enslave others should be brought to an end. Every effort should be expended to end the ability to enslave another human being.  Since ISIS is peculiarly Sunni Arab creation, Sunni Arabs should take the on-the-ground lead in the fight.

The brave Yazidi women deserve the support of all nations. Americans, call your Senators.


Images from the Web of women enslaved by ISIS:


Saudi military crossing into Yemen, when it should be crossing into Iraq to engage ISIS.  Brutal, pointless, and supported by Britain, France, and the US.

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