Saturday, July 25, 2015

Billionaires and the Nuclear Deal with Iran

There is a concurrence of the locations on the globe of the nations that negotiated the nuclear deal with Iran: China, Russia, Germany, France, England, the European Union, and the United Sates. . .

The ministers of foreign affairs and other officials from the P5+1 countries, the European Union and Iran while announcing the framework of aComprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear programme. 

and the location of global billionaires gives rise to interesting thoughts.

The concurrence does not prove anything.

The concurrence does imply that the most powerful individuals in the World do not want a repeat of the Iraq Debacle.

The implication, if meaningful, suggests that the most powerful of us are collaborating on the beginning of a global, though unofficial, government.  We have no reason to believe they will continue to act in concert.

Unless you have billions, you are unlikely to know if the implication is meaningful.  It seems to be.

 The World Economic Forum Annual Meetings at Davos give some hints of its contours.

About all that can be done from a small island in the middle of he Pacific Ocean is watch and bug our senators, which all should do happily.

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