Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saud sits uneasy on a tottering gilden throne

A widely-distributed Official Propaganda Image of the new Saud dictators:  King Salman in the center, flanked by 
••  the king's nephew Crown Prince Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz bin Saud, who is the deputy prime minister and interior minister and head of the political and security council, a coordinating body; 
•• and the King's young son, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, on the king's left, who in his early 30s,is deputy deputy crown prince and defense -- meaning war --  minister. 

A satellite image of Arabia, including mountains in Ira to the north, is on the right of the Saudi flag.  On the left is what seems, to Western eyes, as a Romanesque cathedral with a wedding cake addition where the bell tower would be.

Total victory in Yemen is required for the new monarch and his son and nephew to sit securely on his throne, According to Pakistan Defense, a publication of the Pakistan Defense University.

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