Sunday, June 14, 2015

2015 Herndon Monument Climb

2015 Herndon Monument Climb, Class of 2018

Images from many sources, cropped and enlarged to show individual effort to show individual effort.

The Monument Climb is an annual event a the US Naval Academy.  The freshman class retrieves a cap perched atop the monument, and the monument has been especially greased to make the climb more eventful.  The class objective is to retrieve the cap faster than previous classes.

The US Naval Academy admits some of the brightest, most fit youngmen and women in the United States, without regard for superficial differences such as national origin and sexual orientation.

At the Academy, the youngmen and women learn to operate gigantic floating killing machines.  Having an armada of such machines stationed all over the world is in the National Interest,especially if they never need to be used.

The Academy trains for many functions.  For example, Underwater Demolition Teams:

Location of major flees;


Class of 2018


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