Friday, August 1, 2014

Terror is driving Israelis and Palestiians mad; enlightened self-interest replaced by unenlightened self-interest

From today's Guardian, as of today:
  • 66
    Israeli deaths
  • 1418
    Palestinian deaths
  • 3196
    Israeli strikes on Gaza
  • 2968
    Rockets launched into Israel from Gaza

What isn't reported, or what I have missed, is what effect the rockets have on Israel.  I don't know how to account for the silence, except to assume that the "Iron Shied" that the US gave Israel is effective.

If Israeli civilians hear the shriek of  2968 rockets approaching and being exploded overhead, the psychological effect must be terrible.  A thing about the European plagues of the 13th through the 15th centuries is that death struck randomly with no comprehensible cause, nor explanation about why some died horribly and others escaped unscathed.
Israeli waiting for death, which will or won't come
Europe went mad, and was only beginning to recover from the madness when WWI, with its ariel bombardments which caused random death began.  Then WWII, with many more random deaths.

One thing humans can't deal with is random death.  Death from old age is hard enough for many to deal with but dead younguns, -- why him whom I loved and not him  -- seem to have an especially deleterious effect on the way we deal with the certitude of our ultimate extinction.

If you see something that describes the effect of the rockets on folks living in Israel, please pass it on.

There is no mystery abut the effect of the 3196 Israeli strikes on Gaza.  Psychological terror and actual death and injury by burring and blasting to smithereens and ripping limb from limb and blinding and cracked skulls and missing limbs and all the horrors of modern warfare.  If Gazans don't go mad they should, an Israel seems oblivious to the future difficulties the madness of 1.8 million persons for whom they are responsible will cause.
a terror not to be recovered from

Foresight is not a human characteristic that survives terror.

Ratz!  In the next iteration of intelligent life on Earth, if intelligence should happen to happen again, I hope foresight survives terror.  

My one hope for the survival of our kind of animal is that we haven't used atomic bombs for a long while in spite of provocation I did not think we would resist.  We have so far, and large nations don't go to war with one another anymore.  So far.  Fingers perpetually crossed, as I sail out to die. 

I love you, human beings, in spite of all your faults.  I wish you well, Gazans and Israelis and Arabs living in Israel, and Palestinians who hope, hopelessly, to return to the homes they once lived in, and Ukrainian separatists who hope to be Russian and will instead reap death, and Balochistans who fight the Rulers of Pakistan and Iran with popguns, and Kurds who live in Turkey and Iran and Syria and who yearn to live in a Kurdistan that should exist but doesn't, and Uighurs who wish to be Muslim in atheist China and are killed, as are Tibetans; and Bolivia coca growers who have the temerity of taxing the white-skinned owners of their mineral wealth, and young Hawaiians who dream of sovereignty, and the list goes on.

"Enlightened self-interest may not be the highest moral goal, but it is higher than unenlightened self-interest".  Russell's suggestion is taking hold, though much remains to be done.

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