Saturday, September 7, 2013

Kerry mimics Cheney; hoping to kill Syrians for an empty premise.

Not even President Obama can control the urge to kill, given the massive army at his disposal; as large as all the other armies of all the other countries combined.

The voting population of the United States don't want their country to bomb Syria.

A majority of both houses of Congress, so far, seem not disposed to vote the president the authority to bomb Syria.

The president and his advisors will not say that the vote of Congress is irrelevant to the decision whether to make war on another Country, using as a justification that other  presidents have ignored the clear mandate of the U. S. Constitution.  Sloppy, dangerous reasoning, unworthy of Obama.

Peer Wikipedia:

Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the United States Constitution, sometimes referred to as the War Powers Clause, vests in the Congress the power to declare war, in the following wording:
[The Congress shall have Power...] To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

We have not been attacked or threatened by Syria.

The justifications for the proposed Syrian killings have boiled down, in recent days, to a moral judgment that Assad's alleged  use of sarin gas is so abhorrent that no civilized nation can allow it to go unchallenged; therefore the U.S. alone in the world, must kill Syrians to teach Syrians not to kill Syrians with sarin gas; and, incidentally, killing Syrians is thought by Kerry to discourage Iran from building an Atomic Bomb, which it says it doesn't want.

Death and injury by sarin gas is a relatively easy death.  See CDC | Facts About Sarin, which John Kerry can easily access anytime he wishes to stop sounding like Dick Cheney at his maddest.

Sarin injury and death is easier than any napalm exposure, which is a chemical agent used with zest by the U.S. in Vietnam.

Sarin death is to be preferred to death by flame thrower, a device which disperses a burning chemical over enemies and others and cannot be put out.   Babies are not exempt from being burned to death.  The U..S. and all other civilized nations burn folks to death with this chemical weapon, much worse than death by sarin gas.

Sarin injury is more easily cured that exposure to the chemical gas, Agent Orange, which the U.S. poured on U..S. soldiers and Vietnamese people indiscriminately in Vietnam.

White phosphorus, used by the U.S. in the Fallujah campaign,  burns whatever it touches that, like flesh, contains moisture,  and cannot be extinguished.

Sarin death is worse than than death by another chemical weapon, the chemical Bomb., if you are directly under the bomb when it explodes,  for you, the Universe and everything in it winks out of existence in an instant, and there is nothing left to hurt or regret or morn, except for friends and relatives.

The pride of the u.S. military: the Mother of All Bombs (MOAB)

  If, however, you are what many call in their best Orwellian style, "collaterals" -- by which they mean persons presumed to harbor no ill will toward the the bombing nation-- death by sarin may be preferable to being burnt to a crisp, blasted to smithereens, bones shattered, sinews twisted 'til they stretch and break; you may become blind and deaf; one may loose a foot or leg or arm and become a beggar in his country.  One may go mad; indeed, many may be expected o go mad.  Injury and death to those in the near vicinity of a chemical explosion is the worst of modern warfare, excepting atomics .

A few of the tens of thousands of images on the web:

Kerry, if he has an ounce of decency, will be speaking out sternly against such injuries and deaths.

Instead, he is using his considerable skill to promote just such injuries and deaths.

I don't want to hear any more bout how awful sarin gas is.  All war is horrid.  Focus on relatively mile sarin gas makes me angry.

I wish Kerry ill in his effort, though otherwise Kerry seems to have been an efficient Secretary of State.

What I would like for Kerry to do is offer to submit all his information  for and against Assad's use of sarin to a natural arbiter, asking Russia to do the same.  Russia claims that it is insurgents who use sarin.   Perhaps everybody does or did.  If all countries share honestly in presenting information, some solution will become apparent.

The president deserves high praise for submitting the question of War to the Congress.  I hope Congress will honor him for doing so, even as it rejects his War request.

P.s. We, all seven billion of us, without regard for economic theory, belief or unbelief,  can be awful without chemical aides.  No theory, philosophy, creed, or custom restrains us so far in all our recorded history.

"Hatred begets hatred."

"Hatred never ceases by hatred,
but by love alone is healed;
this is a great and eternal law."
Chant repeated by Buddhists in the Cambodian Killing  Fields

Will we learn something useful before our awesome power to destroy does so much damage to our seven bullion lives that the damage cannot be repaired?  Hope so.  Got my fingers crossed.

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