Sunday, December 9, 2012

A triumph of democracy

A triumph of Democracy un the United States, and a source of consternation for some of us, is that  these fine Gentlemen, founders of the Union, . . .

. . . had no notion that these men and women . . .

. . . , of all genders and races, of all religious and of none, would one day become the Sovereign, the ruler, collectively, of the Land.

I'm pleased that Everyone has replaced a Few as the ruler of this Land, though some be discomfited by this realization.  

I know that it is not so, where many of you live.  I know that there is a struggle going on in many places for political freedom.

The right of the People to rule themselves is the only public freedom worth fighting for.  I hope for you who are not free that your freedom comes soon, and I hope it comes without too much pain.           Pictured, Bahrain protests

And pain or no, I hope it comes to you soon.

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