Saturday, December 12, 2015

Obama's Foreign Policy

Hussein Obama is getting some bad press.  This article, in Foreign Affairsis supportive of Obama’s unusual and effective approach to foreign policy, and I am happy to see it, especially because the parent organization that publishes  Foreign Affairs, The Council on Foreign Relations, has become of  late noeconic (my word, and I like it), angry at anything Russian and eager to war with Russia.

A summary of the article:

Obama's WayThe President in PracticeBy Fred KaplanBarack Obama has been besieged by foreign policy crises, constrained by diminished American power, and pressured by opponents at home and allies abroad to take action and show leadership, even when dealing with intractable problems. Yet his caution about embarking on unnecessary military adventures seems wise, and he has managed to keep sight of the big picture as others have gotten lost in the shrubs.

We would all do well to study Obama’s foreign policy style.  It is the style best suited for the confusion inWest Asia, where most of the action is today.  An aggressive, muscular style such as is promoted by many politicians in this Election Season, would be as bd as bad as the nemonic Invasion of rIraq.

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