Monday, March 31, 2014

War and solitary confinement

It should be easier to understand why we freedom-loving Americans keep 80,000 Freedom-Loving American prisoners in solitary confinement than to understand why we human beings, for all of recorded history, without regard for creed or economic theory, slaughter one another with such determined lust:  at least in theory winners in War get something of value for their victory; no one gets anything of value out of keeping men in indefinite solitary confinement. Saudi's hanging malefactors is humane compared to solitary confinement.

Read theGuardian article below, then write to  Liberal Governor Jerry Brown c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173, Sacramento, CA 95814, and ask that he immediately end the solitary confinement practice at the prison at Pelican Bay.

There!  I feel better, though I have accomplished naught.

I awoke hi morning with "Singing in the Rain" in my head.  Don't reckon solitary confinement men awake with such tuneful tunings.  

Pelican Bay, California

Pelican Bay exercise yard, one hour a day

The human touch

Home at Pelican Bay

An American home

Nor many in Syria, either.

Syria in today' news:

Ah, but War is Glorious.
Such manly men!
To kill or die for one's beliefs!
To find a Virgin or some loot!
Who but a coward would stay at home!

By the time I turn 90, in 10 more years, I hope to understand the genesis of human beings' singular yearning to hurt one another. Jelly fish don't do it, nor do panthers nor germs nor big-brained dolphins.  I don't even know why I sometimes feel a desire, still, seldom now, to inflict ham on another.

Only we human animals, perhaps alone in the Universe, hurt one another, and with such abandon.  Why do we do it?  I eagerly await your disclosure.


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