Sunday, May 26, 2013

Feisty youth, joyous,sexual, irrepressible!

Sexual abuse claims in the U.S. military have tripled in the last year.

One reason is the adoption of  the accursed Sexual Abuse Manifesto, under which, in some circumstances, a raised eyebrow may constitute abuse.  In others it is an invitation to blackmail and worse.  Proof of the falsity of  a claim of abuse without physical evidence is difficult.  One Hawai'i judge decides the issue based on tonnage.

Another reason is propinquity.  Place healthy, vigorous young men and women in intimate proximity, whether of joy or of danger, and control of of the wondrous lure of sexual congress weakens at some times, in some persons, in some places, beyond toleration (as well it should). And often accompanied by peans of joy.


Annapolis Herndon Monument Climb 2013

I'm not implying anything untoward about these Naval Academy youth: perhaps no one is writing on anyone's bosom; no one is smiling with delighted recognition; no one is stealing an embarrassing hug, no one is kissing anyone's head.  The pictured human animals are the flowering of American youthful vitality, honorable and patriotic; the images may be accidents of the photographer's camera angle and the cropper's imagination (the latter, mine).

AND, sayeth wise ones, some in spritely humor. . .
The Mikado, Act 1, part IX:
Nanki-PooWere you not to Ko-Ko plighted,
I would say in tender tone,
"Loved one, let us be united —
Let us be each other's own!"
I would merge all rank and station,
Worldly sneers are nought to us,
And, to mark my admiration,
I would kiss you fondly thus —
[Kisses her]
• • • •
So, In spite of all temptation,
Such a theme I'll not discuss,
And on no consideration
Will I kiss you fondly thus —
Will I kiss you fondly thus —
[Kissing her]
Let me make it clear to you,
This is what I'll never do!
This, oh, this, [kiss]Oh, this, [kiss]Oh, this, — [kiss]
This is what I'll never, never do!

. . .and some, aware of the heartache benighted love can bring, warning in somber tones,

Goya, El sueño de la razón produce monstruos.
The sleep of reason produces monsters.

The boundless energy of youth can no longer be bottled up.  The Dark Aage of Repression ( ca. 1930-1960) ended with Howl; with the Merry Pranksters and Catch 22; with the Chicago Seven; with so slight a thing as From to Eternity, Debra Kerr and Bert Lancaster on a Honolulu beach, kissing -- then shocking, now unremarkable.  

He who would still the Millennial tide is as helpless as King Canote.

You who think of youthful sex as monstrous are merely fuddy-duddies. 
Ambrose Bierce, 
Who Drives Oxen Should Himself be Sane

Caravaggio, Cupid

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