Monday, October 8, 2012

Russian images of recent Egyptian violence, a Russian online news agency, has images on the recent demonstrations in Cairo that are more violent than ones typically published by Western news agencies.  Here are some.   I do not vouch for this news outlet, unknown to me, and the images are of great interest:

 Mr. Romney says the US is responsible for challenging developments in the Muslim world.

Must we repeat the 20th Century?  Again?

Guess so.  A painting on an IIsraeli wall in Palestine.  Banksy, the painter, was a freehand graffiti artist. 

Flanders, Normandy, Pork Chop Hill, Dak To, Fallujah, Somalia, Aden  . . Please don't make the21st Century a copy of the 20th.  Please....

 Dancing at the End of Time

Dead is dead.  I don't mourn dead.  I mourn for those left behind.

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