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Kazakhstan freestyle wrestlers for 2012 Summer Olympics

I covered Russian  freestyle wrestlers a while back.  It is sensible to cover some of the other possible winners in the Summer Olympics. Here's Kazakhstan's freestyle qualifiers.

Daulet Niyazbekov  55 kg

Wikipedia nor FILA gives information an Daulet place of birth or present residence, except to note that it is in Kazakhstan, the ninth largest country in the world:

Kazakhstan is hugh, and, because of it's adaption to modernism and its great mineral wealth, is the most important of the Turkic-Speaking nations, and one of the most important countries in the old, though e u the United States hears little about it.

Kazakhstan's landscaped is varied  . .

. . . its architecture is more modern than Honolulu's . . .

Astana, Capitol of Kazakhstan -- t
he building with blue dome is 
president's house. 
(Photo Courtesy of Judge Paul Magnuson)
. . . and traditional.;

 its people are modern . . . 

. . . and traditional

Here are some images of  Daulet.  I'm sue that he is wildly popular at home and no one choses to post information about him on the Web.  It is easy enough to forget that the Web only has on it what somebody puts on it.  And Google won't translate Kazakh.  The images are few, in consequence, and that's a pity, because Kazakhstan is one of the most interesting places on earth -- at least as viewed from the middle of the Pacific Ocean..

Dauren Zhumagaziyev  60 kg


Akzhurek Tanatarov  66 kg

are both from Almaty Province. Dauren is fro the capitol city of  Taldykorgan.  Th web doesn't specify where Akzhurek lives.

Other information on both wrestlers  is scarce and there are few images of them .  We do have Dauren's medal  record:

Dauren Zhumagaziyev
Medal record
Men's Freestyle wrestling
Competitor for  Kazakhstan
World Championships
Bronze2011 Istanbul60 kg
Asian Games
Bronze2010 Guangzhou60 kg
Asian Championships
Gold2011 Tashkent60 kg
Bronze2010 New Delhi60 kg

A website, Dauren Zhumagaziyev | Speakers and more | Flowrestling | Flowrestling, has three videos of Dauren, and says about him that he was born  July 18th, 1989, in Taldykorgan.

Per Wikipedia, 

Taldykorgan . . .  is the administrative center of Almaty Province, Kazakhstan. It has a population of 143,407 (2010). Most of the people are Kazakhs

Almaty Province is hers:

It has a varied terrain. . .

yurts, . . .

ubiquitous freeways,

. .. . and good folks with a sense of humor . . . 

The capital city, Taldykorgan, is lively and boisterous:

FC Shakhter Karagandy held their nerve to win a maiden 
Kazakh Premier League title from FC Zhetysu Taldykorgan
 while two-time champions FC Kairat Almaty went down.

Shakhter Karagandy's players 
celebrate the end of their 19-year title drought
[in English, no less!]

It is exceedingly odd that the Web carries no images of Dauren and only one, 

of Akzhurek. I'll keep looking.

Abdulkhakim Shapiyev  74 kg

Born in Moscow.  

Videos of Abdulkhakim are here.


Images probably from the Beijing Olympics.

Still no info on where, in Kazakhstan, lives.

Yermek Baiduashov  84 kg

There is no information at all about Yermak, though this may be a result of a Google interpreter to translate Kazakh names.  There are at least some images:

ahpily reported by a Spanish language blogger on, of a competition held in TAIYUAN, CHINA..

Two other images, reported y the invaluable Zimbio, are said to be Getty images:

Taimuraz Tigiyev  96 kg

Taimuraz hails from Ossettia, exacgly where not specified, but likely waar-torn.  His residence inKazakhistan is not given.  Most Russian wrestlers come from the same area.  See

Russia freestyle wrestlers for 2012 Summer Olympics in this blog.

here are some pics:

Marid Mutalimov  120 kg

Madrid was born in   Makhachkala, Dagestan, the center of the entire wrestling world.  Most of Russia's famed wrestlers live in that part of Russia, and everybody who can afford to go there goes to Dagestan to train.  The world's best facilities and trainers are in Dagestan.  See the post 

Russia freestyle wrestlers for 2012 Summer Olympics in this blog.

We are not told where Marid makes his home in Kazakhstan.

Marid's medal record is

Olympic medal record
Competitor for  Kazakhstan
Men's Freestyle wrestling
Bronze2008 Beijing120 kg

Pics of Marid rest,  playing around, and in action:

Celebrating a bronze medal

Here is one wrestler's testimonial to Dagestan's raining prowess.  I have added Marid's name and position in red, so you can see his  importance.

Thank you to the Dagestan National Freestyle Wrestling Team
Posted by Andrei Arlovski on July 12, 2011 at 1:00pmView Blog

I spent most of the month of June in the Republic of Dagestan training with the National Freestyle Wrestling Team.  I would like to express my appreciation to the entire Dagestan National Freestyle Wrestling Team and thank number of people.

Special Thanks and Best Wishes to the coaching staff: Head Coach, Merited Master of Sport, Sazhid SazhidovCoach, Master of Sport, International Class, Gaidar GaidarovCoach, Merited Master of Sport, Arsen Gitinov Special Thanks and Best of Luck to my training partners: Merited Master of Sport, Bilal MakhovMaster of Sport, International Class, Shamil SalihovMaster of Sport, International Class, Magomedgadzhi AbakarovMerited Master of Sport, Marid MutalimovMaster of Sport, International Class, Ermek BayduashevMaster of Sport, Islam GadzhievMaster of Sport, Ramazan MagomedovMaster of Sport, Akzhurek Tanatarov
Magamed GevalievGasan Batirov Also, I would like to Thank my Brother & Friend Merited Master of Sport, Murad Gaydarov for making this training camp to happen and for always being in “My Corner”!

I wish the Kazakhs all the luck in the world.

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