Monday, March 12, 2012

The Manly Sports of the Turkic Nations: Kirkpinar -- Turkish Oil Wrestling

In 2009, four Turkic-speaking nations established the Turkic Council.  The four are Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and  Kyrgyzstan.  Two others,  Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, are expected to join soon.

Areas in which the Turkic language is spoken.

The turkic Council covers a large part of Central Asia.  
 (Prospective council members in blue)

Turkic people have a long history and many things in common.  One of the things they have in common is hand-to-hand sporting competitions, usually shirtless. 

You've seen my 2010 Turkish Oil Wrestling.  Below are some more images from 2011 and before, as a trailer for July, 2012, when the next national competition will be held.  To come in future posts are naional sports of  Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and  Kyrgyzstan.  Pretty interesting.  Maybe, too, of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, if I can find some good ones.

Oil Wrestling ( Kirkpinar) from Turkey, 2011 and earlier.

North American equivalent?

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igourmaltsev said...

They will not do it till next time.
The wrestling has restricted application.
Well,to resume? Without suffocation.
Let's visit Russia at its prime.