Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A view of the Western Hemisphere, not often visible from North America

Reynaldo Gianecchini is reason enough to wish to live in Brazil . . .

. . . and consider this map of the Western Hemisphere. . .

From an interesting blog, The Fruits of Our Labor
When we live in a reactionary nation
it is not easy to see that others

under  different 

See Greek Brazilian Boy  for a buoyant view of living in Brazil.
I'm sure there are other views, too.
See, e.g., Cidade de Deus (City f God), 2002.

But we, living happily in our Socialist Police State in the middle of he Pacific Ocean, governed by Gangsters, Marxists, and Mormons, are happy and content, so long as we obey the Prime Directive: 

Do Not Upset a Tourist!

You might think of other reasons for moving South.  Reynaldo is surely one:

If you have not yet run across Terra The Boy enjoy it.

Lived ever a happier fishing boat, bearing these feet?


And for those few of you who would see what the towel is hiding,

Lest you think this improper, consider Picasso:

his Two Male Lovers,

and his more explicit penis shots (drawing remarkable for the solidity of figures drawn with such few delicate lines)

Three Men Standing

Heads of Sculptor and Model, and Statue of a Striding Youth

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