Monday, February 21, 2011

"Looking", Part 1, from a gay perspective

Oh yeah. As if you haven't.

Some of these are imagined . . .

. . . .some posed . . . .

. . .and some aren't.

Looking normally implies some sexual excitation . . .

. . . sometimes mere curiosity is at play.

Some, posed or not, express the heart's deep longing.

This one

tugs at my heart strings.

The Youngman being peered at

reminds me of Botticelli's Primavera

Many of my women friends,, when we were younger, pattered their style of dress after "Spring" in this painting. Many a man, for 500 years, spoke highly of Spring, while peering covertly to the left of the painting. I did so myself, wen I was young. Being closeted is not a good way to be.

I've been here, too.

Some solicit glances . . .

Others work hard to get one.

These guy are definitely, defiantly NOT looking. . . .

End of Part 1

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