Friday, January 21, 2011

Hazara, Afghanistan, and the Good North Americans

The Hazara are a small tribe in Central Afghanistan, much persecuted by the majority Pashtun. Many have fled to foreign climes, where they have been educated and learned skills. We North Americans have protected the Hazara's civil rights and provided a safe home for them. Many have returned and are doing well in good paying jobs. They like North Americans in spite of our being, mostly, non-Muslim; and are thankful for our being in Afghanistan.

Click here to hear some folk singing by a Hazara young man. It's not pleasing to my ear, but the audience loves it.

If we leave and leave Afghanistan to the tender mercies of Hamid Karzai and his friends, the Hazara future is dim at best.

This is only one of the many reasons why I'm happy enough that I'm not President Obama, and offer him my full support.

For a short history of the Hazara, click here.

Here are some pics kipped from the Web. Naturally I focus on Football.

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