Sunday, December 12, 2010

Male inatimacy

This simple bog is devoted to intimacy between men, men and animals, and men and inanimate objects such as dumbbells. Sometimes women show up. I've generally stayed away from my personal intimate relations, choosing hots from the web, but I'm nothing if not inconsistent.

This guy loves his baboon.

Peruses loved his horsy, and Horsy loved him back.

These guys are fond of their hyenas. I think this is St. Louis, where Abe want to move us, but I'm not sure.

This guy's dog is his best friend.

This guy just loves any kine dog.

This is the yoga portion of an Indian (or Pakistani) form of Persian (Iranian) wrestling.

Another image by a great photographer of Indian wrestling (see my blog on pehlwani).

American wrestling also has its moments.

Rugby produces great friendships. These men are members of the French national rugby championship team.

World football (what we parochially call "soccer") is the most popular game in the world. It produces, in moments of great beauty and stress, a heightened sense of intimacy.

The guy on stage left is thought by many to be the greatest footballer in the world, or at least we thought so until he left Man U, the traitor!

I have watched Vidic and Ferdinand play back for many years: they make one of the most powerful teams in all of football, and are genuinely affectionate toward one another.

The impulsive buss, when nothing short of it will do.

Gay romance has a long history.

Apollo loved Hyacinth, reported first some 3,500 years ago, in Greece's Bronze Age

and Baroque Italian painters loved to paint Hyacinth's death. Hyacinth died from a discus; they were throwing it back and forth, as we do with a Frisbee, when Zephyr,

jealous with jilted love, blew a throw by Apollo off course

, killing Huacinth. Apollo was unconsolable -- until the next time he fell in love.

As you know, Zeus loved Ganymede and made him his cup bearer, a signal honor. Zeus would be charge with a crime in the 21st Century United States, if human beings had the power to change a God with a crime. . . . .

. . . There is some disagreement among 16th Century painters about Ganymede's age at the time of his seduction.

Some political activity, both dangerous and exciting, as in Iran, leads to great intimacy.

Hunting promotes togetherness, especially when done for survival. . .

. . . as does play (the great Tomatila in Bunyol, Spain) , . . .

. . cooking a good meal with a special friend . . . .

comfort a friend in need of comfort . . .

(note the handbag, Arne) . . .

just horsing around with pals . . .

. . . (alcohol can do a lot to loosen inhibitions about friendly touching) . . .

having fun on the bach

Some of the closest friends I eve had were in the army .

Intimacy with relatives is ricky, . . .

and when it is good, it is wonderful . . .

[This is me at some age and one of my two favorite grandmothers. Grandmothers can't be beat, in my experience.]

Susan and grandkids -- my version of immortality.

Romance between men . . .

. . . follows the usual patterns. . .

. . . Pals, and then. . .

can anything feel more comforting?

I like this sly guy. know someone, someone I like a lot, with this same devilish sideways glance . . . .

[don't tell me you've never enjoyed this delicious moment. Love is in the air, but not quite arrived yet. You can't be sure it will arrive, and it trembles on the verge . . .

trembles with eager anticipation . . .]

[The only dthing forbidden on the web is sex with or between children. Except where Zeus is concerned.]

. . .you grow closer and closer . . .

. .to something that

. . . poets and artists strive in vain . . .

. . !

. . . and !


. . . and yes!

In the good old summertime,
In the good old summertime,
Strolling thru' a shady lane
With your baby mine.
You hold her hand and she holds yours,
And that's a very good sign
That she's your tootsie wootsie
In the good, old summertime.

Well, I can at least still remember, and the memory is as sweet and sharp as when it was freshly bloomed.

It's always summertime in Hawaii Nei, and I am one of the fortunate muldtitude who stroll through life with his tootsie wootsie, and that's a very good thing.


When you think of intimacy, think of it's infinite variety and rejoice with this Chinese weight lifter and his glorious moment of triumph; with tht help of his true love:


A final form of intamicy comes with hte loss of one you love. I'll not dwell on that form in this blog.

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